Ask yourself this… Do I really know enough about the condition of the home I'm about to buy?

Our building & pest inspection process will answer…


What are the problem area's or defect's during our building & Pest inspection.


Where is the problem or defect located within your dwelling and surrounding property.


How will defect affect the house if is not repaired, and any potential consequences or ongoing problems.


Why the problem or defect was highlighted, and its importance to your health, safety and finance.

Building & pest inspections are an essential part of the process of buying any property within the Northern Rivers area of NSW. With an inspection both the buyer and the seller protect their interests and keep the property transaction processes transparent and honest. Even better, pre-purchase building inspections can help you get a better deal on your on the property you intend to purchase.

A great deal of what makes Termite Reports Plus building inspection s valuable is the quality of the service. Expert and qualified inspectors with modern equipment play a significant part in the results you’ll receive. The more detailed the information you get and the clearer its explained, the better!

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