Funnel ant Termite Reports Plus

Funnel Ant Pest Control

Funnel ant Termite Reports Plus

One of the most common pests found throughout the Northern Rivers and the Gold Coast is the funnel ant (Aphaenogaster).

These large ants build dense, intricate nests below the surface of your lawns and is named after the nest’s iconic funnel shaped entrances. These are the mounds of dirt you find all over you're nice lawn after its been raining.


Funnel Ant nests present serious problems for peoples lawns, as the nest’s fragile surface collapses easily under pressure leaving your lawns unlevelled, unsightly and makes it a conducive environment for weeds to grow killing off your nice lawn. The dirt from the mounds also blunt the blades of your lawnmower. 

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The nest’s funnel shaped openings also trap the funnel ants’ food source, thus enabling the pest to thrive in fertile environments.

There are several species of funnel ant, who essentially all live underground, only emerging after rain to excavate the soil to dry out their nests. This creates unsightly mounds all over your lawn.


At Termite Reports Plus we use the best products (fipforce aqua) to safety treat your lawns to eradicate the funnel ant colony by spot spraying the funnel ant mound entry points and blanketing the rest of the lawn areas. The spray isn’t designed to kill the insects immediately. Instead, the product works much like a virus, infecting the ants that come into contact with it, and killing off other ants as they pass it on.

This is achieved as the affected ants retreat back into the nests where they die and are consumed by other ants. This begins a chain reaction, which makes it possible to kill off large colonies of ants, deep beneath the surface.


Fipforce treatment binds to the soil, giving you long term protection against further funnel ant invasions for up to one to two years, even longer in some cases.


At Termite Reports Plus our treatments are guaranteed to work and if mounds are sighted after a few weeks from treatment we’ll come back and treat the affected area at no additional charge.


Treatments can cost as little as $150 depending on the the size of the lawns or how invasive the infestation is. Give us a call today for a FREE quote and we’ll get your lawns looking great again.