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Cockroach infestation is a very big problem in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast regions. Cockroaches are small insects found in your home and the surrounding environment. They are one of the most common pests. While they play the essential role of decomposing materials in ecosystems around your house, they are also attracted to food that is left out and are lured to wet areas such as leaking pipes, bathrooms and kitchen sinks and wet, damp spaces throughout your home. This is a problem because they carry different diseases that cause malaria, dengue and even diarrhoea all of which will have a nasty affect on you and your family. They can be nasty little pests and infestations don’t take long to get out of control.

At Termite Reports Plus we use a high grade pest management treatment - fipronil gel is used for exterminating cockroaches from your home and the external areas. This treatment has proven to be highly effective in the eradication of cockroach nests and is safe around pets and children. The success of the treatment exploits the cannibalistic nature of cockroaches to help successfully remove an infestation. So when the cockroaches take this gel back to their nest, the others too become affected by after consuming the dead cockroach. The gel baits are placed in strategic areas around your property where cockroaches are known to dwell. 


  • Kills 90% of cockroaches in 24/48hrs

  • Last up to a minimum 3 months for on going killing power

  • Highly attractive to cockroaches

  • Non-repellent so it is passed onto other cockroaches

Cockroach treatment Termite Reports Plus

The toxins in the bait will not only affect the cockroach that consumes the bait, but also affects other cockroaches through secondary transmission.

After a cockroach has fed they will often return to the nest where they will defecate. Any other cockroach which consumes the faeces, saliva, or carcass of the infected roach will also be affected by the cockroach bait. Infection can also occur through direct contact with the toxins from the bait dispersed within the cockroach nest.

Essentially this creates a cycle of cockroaches becoming infected and passing it on to other roaches. Because of this, cockroach bait has a proven track record of successfully exterminating whole colonies of cockroaches.

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cockroach pest control Termite Reports P
Tips for maintaining a cockroach free home

  • Keep all areas clean at all times and remove any stray objects.

  • Get rid of or securely cover pet food after your pets are done with their meals.

  • Vacuum the area thoroughly, paying attention to cracks, crevices and hard to get at spots. Start at one end of the area and then continue on to the other to ensure no sections are missed.

  • Apply a cleansing agent to floors before wiping dry.

  • After vacuuming, take the vacuum bag out, seal it in a plastic bag and then discard it in the garbage bin which should have a tightly closing lid.