What is a building inspection?

Why get a Building Inspection Report?

One of the biggest investments people will make has to do with buying a home. Purchasing a property often requires one to make a substantial financial commitment. It’s very important to do your due diligence on a potential investment before committing yourself. Termite Reports Plus helps customers by performing detailed inspections on properties before they buy. We provide detailed building and timber pest inspection reports to ensure that our customers make informed decisions regarding a purchase. We have experienced and highly qualified building and pest inspectors who can help clients make informed decisions regarding their investments by making accurate reports on the status of the potential investment and also by detailing on major and minor defects that are needed to be addressed before you proceed.

''There are many advantages of obtaining a detailed and accurate building report from a qualified and experienced building inspector''

One of the most important ones is that the customer can proceed to buy a property with confidence that nothing out of the ordinary will occur. This is mainly because the building inspection reports that we provide to customers help the buyer understand the subtle issues that they might come across with the property after they buy it. The buyer, therefore, can engage with confidence the best decision on whether to make the purchase because he or she is armed with full disclosure regarding the property.

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